Frequently Asked Questions About Loneliness And Online Counseling

I was a lonely girl while growing up. My parents were the best providers globally, and I was lucky to get every material object I ever wanted. However, they rarely had time to spend the day with me because of their jobs and just chilled at home. I often had to stay with a babysitter or my grandparents since they would not let me be alone in the house for more than a few hours.

When I became a teenager, it seemed like a cue for my mother and father to take on more prominent roles in their respective jobs. Mom became a senior real estate broker, while Dad got an executive position in a fast-growing construction company.

While our wealth grew significantly, and my parents managed to build a massive house in a grape vineyard they bought at Napa County, I felt lonelier than ever. After all, it meant that I had to leave Sacramento and move to a new school before entering 10th grade. I dreaded the latter the most, considering I would stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of kids who had probably known each other forever. Not to mention, I was too old for a babysitter, so I would have to fend for myself on days that my parents were busy (and that’s all the time).


My life revolved around school and the vineyard up until high school. I eventually found a few friends at my new school, but I never felt like I genuinely belonged there, so I looked forward to moving to New Haven, Connecticut, to study Law at Yale University. The decision to leave California came easy, given that I was not tethered to anything or anyone there. I might also put my parents’ money to fair use and go to one of the most expensive universities in the country.

Finding Love And Happiness

The thing was, I did not only find peace in Connecticut. I also found my soulmate there. His name was Chad. He was seven years older than me and was in the process of earning his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineer when we met. Besides studying, he also held a lucrative job in a power plant, so it was an understatement to say that Chad could give anyone he decided to marry a comfortable life.

Chad and I got the surprise of our lives when I became pregnant in my third year in college. I honestly felt scared to tell him initially, considering we had not talked about marriage and family. I was also afraid to let my parents know about it. Although they made me feel lonely my entire life, I still did not want to disappoint them. But then, it turned out that Chad wanted to propose to me on my graduation day, and the pregnancy merely worked in his favor. After meeting my parents and formally asking for my hand, we tied the knot at my family’s vineyard and began a new chapter of our lives as a married couple.

When Loneliness Came Back

I forgot what it felt like to be lonely for two decades since my only daughter arrived. I finally understood what other mothers said about kids completing them because that’s what happened to me. I dedicated my life to looking after her and taking consultancy jobs on the side. More importantly, I found an excellent partner in Chad, who allowed me to stay home more often as he provided for our little family.


However, loneliness crept back in my life once more when my daughter announced that she would attend Harvard, not Yale, closer to home. I could not ask Chad to relocate, considering his job was in Connecticut. At the same time, I could not leave the man I loved, no matter how much I wanted to be with my grown-up daughter. In the end, we only visited her three times a year, and she promised to come home during the holidays.

When my husband found me crying in our room one day because I missed our daughter, though, he said, “Please don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s time for you to see a counselor. It pains me to see how lonely you feel when you’re all by yourself here.”

That’s when I decided to try online counseling.

Can I talk to a counselor online for free? 

 7 Cups of Tea has a free plan to talk to an online counselor for free.

What is the best online counseling service? 

 Talkspace is the best overall online counseling service provider, according to VeryWell Mind.

What is online counseling called? 

  • Online therapy
  • E-counseling
  • Teletherapy

Is online counseling effective? 

 Yes, online counseling is effective for depression and anxiety disorders. However, it may not be sufficient for more severe conditions.

Which is better, BetterHelp or Talkspace? 

 It depends on your preference and budget, to be honest. If you seek a more affordable platform that does not have a live video feature, Talkspace is a better option for you. But if money is not an issue at all, and you wish to meet your online therapist, BetterHelp is a more suitable choice.


Does insurance pay for online counseling? 

 Technically, no. However, some states have parity laws that help patients reimburse their online counseling fees through insurance companies. It will be best to ask your insurance provider about it.

Is online therapy cheaper? 

 Yes, online therapy is cheaper than traditional therapy.

Are phone sessions considered telehealth? 


How do I start telehealth therapy? 

 Before you start offering telehealth therapy, you should determine if you can use your license in other states. If the answer does not seem clear to you, it is always an excellent idea to talk to a lawyer about it. At the same time, you need to think about the HIPAA guidelines and ensure that you can follow all of them.

How can I do a telehealth session? 

  • When your goal is to provide telehealth, you should understand the local regulations regarding the matter. For instance, is there a parity law that governs your state? How will payment reimbursement work? What insurance companies can cover telemedicine?
  • Once you cover the basics, you need to plan how and when you’ll do a telehealth session. Doing so allows you to schedule appointments properly and still have time for yourself.
  • Though the session does not occur in person, it’s essential to set up your office. That is especially true if you expect to video chat with clients once in a while. Your place cannot be noisy and messy if you want your clients to take you seriously.
  • Your laptop, internet, and other gadgets should be up to date, too. A slow connection reduces mental help’s effectiveness.
  • After a few tests run, spread the word about your telehealth practice.

Final Thoughts

Talking to an online counselor helped me to cope with my loneliness. I started being more productive and taking on more consultancy jobs. I also made peace because my daughter was an adult with a life of her own, and I could only support her dreams from the sideline. That made me feel less lonely every day.

Safekeeping A Child’s Mental Health Begins At Home


There has been a long-term debate about who should be blamed for a person’s wrongdoings. Is it their own fault that they turned out doing stupid things, or do the parents need to be criticized for not raising them well when they were young?

The reality is that there genuinely is a 50% possibility that a child will not turn out fine when they have a wonky childhood. Not many parents are aware of their misgivings, after all, so they continue to raise the children in the same awful way. When they act out, they blame it on the kids’ friends and everyone else in the community except themselves. They fail to see that their kids have become unhinged because of their upbringing.

What can you do to keep your child’s mental health safe?


Watch Your Mouth

From the start, you need to watch every comment that comes out of your mouth. Kids are sensitive human beings who remember everything they hear, especially if the words are against them. For instance, when you always call them ugly, bratty, and other derogatory names, they will believe you and embrace what you say they are.

You can avoid such conflict by looking for kind, productive ways to express how you feel. It is also ideal to keep yourself from saying awful stuff about other people in front of the kids. Otherwise, they might assume that speaking without thinking was acceptable.

Take Advantage Of Websites’ Content-Filtering Options

It is inevitable for kids to use the internet, especially now that classes are supposed to take place online due to the pandemic. The parents who used to wish to expose their children to electronic devices now had no choice but to teach them how to navigate various apps and websites.


If you want to prevent your child from coming across adult-friendly content that might mess up with their mental health, you need to filter the websites they can access. In case they are on YouTube or Netflix, you can indicate that the little ones are watching so that the platform will automatically filter the videos.

Teach Kids How To Deal With Bullies Early

Bullies often have a massive impact on how a kid’s mental health looks like five, 15, or 50 years later. Being on the receiving end of bullying tends to make children depressed, anxious, or anti-social, primarily if the offender used the internet to bully them. And the longer they experience such treatment, the deeper the scarring they get emotionally and psychologically.

What some parents fail to do is teach the kids how to deal with bullies before they even go to pre-school. They merely assume that their children will never experience it because they have been enrolled at a fantastic school with fantastic teachers. Mind you, different forms of bullying can happen anywhere. When you enlighten your kids about bullies early, you may be able to save them from the lasting effects of bullying.


Remind Children Of Your Unconditional Support

Sometimes, children become rebellious even when they have loving parents, and people wonder why. They say such kids are ungrateful or have lost their marbles to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. However, keep in mind that everything a child does is based on what they have experienced at home. If they always go against the parents’ will, it is likely because they don’t feel like the latter understands them or supports their wishes.

Considering you don’t want to be the reason behind your kids’ mental instability, you need to ask yourself honestly, “Do they know how much I love them and support their decisions, no matter what?” The reason is that some parents are not showy with how they feel, and so the children think that mom and dad don’t care about them. 

The only way to remedy that is by reminding the little ones about your unconditional support to them – every day if you must. And whenever they want to do something, the immediate answer should not always be no. That’s hurtful, and it makes kids want to push your limits or do everything you tell them not to do.


Bottom Line

Children are impressionable human beings who learn how to do or react to things through their parents. If they see you honking your car horn incessantly when someone takes a few seconds longer to move forward when the red traffic light turns green, they might think it’s okay once they start driving, too. If you show them that no one will bat an eye when you curse or foul-mouth others in front of people, they start doing the same thing around their peers, turning them into bullies immediately. 

When you are already a parent, the kids’ education, food, and home are not the only aspects that you should be excellent at providing. You must also prioritize their mental health as soon as you can communicate with them to remain as positive as ever.

Good luck!

Is My Kid Safe? The Dangers That Hide On The Web

The Data Protection Conference 2019 aimed to share the new data protection rules with legal practitioners and data protection specialists. It is our duty as parents to care for you and your child’s data, especially when you’re online.

The Internet is both a beneficial and dangerous invention. And although it carries new knowledge, there are dangers hidden on it that your child may face without you knowing. Here are some of them. 



Bullying is a form of abuse that your children may encounter not only in schools but also online. Cyberbullies often hide in the anonymity that the internet provides, pushing them to become more hurtful and vicious.

Real-life cases have shown that some children who experienced relentless bullying online have resorted to hurting themselves and being antisocial.

Online Predator

Sexual predators are also dangers that lurk online. These people prey on children, often befriending and sending them messages in their social media profiles. Some anonymous apps allow these violators to connect with your children, taking advantage of your young innocence.



Adults fall for scams. So what can you expect when your children fall for false rewards in exchange for their parent’s credit card details. Even the games that seem so innocent online may entice your kids to give out private information about them and their families.

Viral Challenges And Dares

Some dares are fun until it becomes a danger to your children. Kids want to feel like they belong. So, they may end up trying dares online to be in with their peers.

However, some of these seemingly fun dares are not good for your kids as it can harm them physically and may force them to do things that they shouldn’t even be doing, like crossing the street with a blindfold on.

Inappropriate Content


As the internet is a highway of information, it can give your children access to inappropriate content, like pornography and malware. Sometimes, their favorite characters may entice them to watch adult-themed content without knowing, introducing them to violence and foul words.

The internet has both useful and terrible sides. But we will not always know what websites our children can access. Setting boundaries and using parental control software can help protect our kids from the dangers lurking online.

I Caused My Daughter To Be A Kleptomania 

 My marriage is on the rocks, so I just decided to end up the relationship.   I decided to keep my child and raise her by myself.   




It’s not easy to be a single mom.  I have to work shifts just to make both ends meet.  I feel tired all the time, and I hate being disturbed.    Continue reading I Caused My Daughter To Be A Kleptomania 

Tips On How To Help A Child Deal With A Narcissistic Mother


Many people loosely use the term “narcissistic.” According to Heather Stevenson, PsyD, “I think that the word gets thrown around a lot. A person can have narcissistic traits and not have the personality disorder.” Some individuals believe that this word just refers to a characteristic of having too much love for one’s self. However, there is so much more that comes with this term. According to clinical psychologist Aimee Daramus, PsyD, “Narcissism is a personality style in which people have a powerful need to be the best, most important in the room.” Narcissism is a mental health problem that could make the person involved to become more distant to the people surrounding him. According to Kelsei LeAnn, PsyD, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder is defined as someone who lacks empathy for others, and they crave admiration. They’re often described as pathological liars, self-centered, manipulative, controlling.” At the same time, this illness can also result in some violence or harm for those close to him.


In the United States, a divorce between married couples is allowed. There are many reasons why a husband and wife would end up going separate ways. One of the common causes is the psychological incapacity of one of the parties to the marriage. Narcissism falls under this category.


If you believe that your partner has this condition and you both have decided to get a divorce, then do not worry because you made the right decision. However, you have to remember that your kids will be affected too. Therefore, it is essential to protect them from a narcissistic parent. Here are some of the things that you could do:


  1. Never Blame Yourself


Let go of all the regrets and what-ifs. The first step that you need to do is to get over the negative experience in your life. Take note that the more you get stuck with the failed marriage, the more it will be difficult for your kids to continue with their lives. Always remember that divorcing your narcissistic ex-wife was necessary. Otherwise, both of you will only live a miserable life.


  1. Show Your Support To The Children

Your children have a high tendency to feel envious of what the other kids have. This is because of the influence that they may get from your narcissistic wife. As such, it is essential that you show them your support at all times. Make them feel that they are good enough. Remind the children that happiness must come from within and not from the validation of others.


  1. Listen To Concerns of Your Kids


Make it a habit of asking your kids about how their day went. Inquire whether there was a significant event that happened recently. Doing this will give you an idea if they are having a hard time in school or other aspects of their lives. Keep in mind that the pressure of having a narcissistic mom is too high. Make things lighter by striking up a conversation that they could all relate to.


  1. Help The Children Grow Better



Growing up with a mother who has narcissism has adverse effects on the kids. They may get the attitude or acquire some personality traits from their mom. Because of this, they may throw tantrums whenever they do not get what they want. The best thing to do is to help them grow as responsible members of society. Remind them of the proper ways on how to act in every situation. Teach them to be sensitive to the feelings of other individuals.


Be sure to follow all the items listed above for the benefit of your children. Be a good example for them.



Verbal Abuse in Children: Types and Effects

Disciplining a child is hard work. According to Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, PsyD, “Discipline is a necessary thing in  life, for certain, and how we engage in it is important in building positive self-esteem and a healthy sense of self in children.” It involves reaching a balance between being an authority figure as well as somebody who loves them unconditionally. However, inadvertently parents may be caught off guard on not so good days and can verbally lash out at others, and this might include his/her child. The offense might sound minimal as compared to any other type of abuse. Oftentimes, parents might also rationalize their behaviors and temper as something out of their control brought about by the everyday stress of taking care of the kids as well as juggling their other responsibilities. Experts negate this frame of mind stating that any abuse is not justifiable.


Continue reading Verbal Abuse in Children: Types and Effects

Hiring A Caretaker And Possibility Of Child Neglect


There are many forms of abuse that a child may experience in his lifetime.  Not everyone knows but child neglect is a form of abuse. According to Marie Hartwell-Walker, “Children who are constantly ignored, rejected, threatened, or belittled grow up without the inner resources that everyone needs to cope with difficult times.” Many parents spend most of their time working in the office or managing their business. Because of this, they barely have enough time to care for their children. This is the primary reason why some parents prefer to hire someone to watch over the kids when they are busy.

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Reviewing PvZ Heroes – The Game That Parents And Kids Can Enjoy Together



It has not been too long ever since the conception of the first Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) game that has taken over a lot of computer screens across the globe. In 2016, fortunately, PopCap Games introduced its successor – the PvZ Heroes.

Based on the title of the game itself, expecting seeing special effects and higher quality of graphics is practically a given. However, those are not the only factors that you can look forward to.

The developers of PvZ Heroes have created it in such a way that you, dear gamer, can do the following:

Play On Your Smartphone

A more significant number of people can while away their boredom because there is an enjoyable application that can make them momentarily forget about the time. They can also concentrate on the persistent dead creatures and lively plants that are duking it out on somebody’s lawn. Many fans of the game have anticipated this for so long, especially the ones who became addicted to Plants vs. Zombies. It is heartwarming to notice that the creators have managed to deliver what the supporters want.

Meet Wonderful Creatures

Since this is the fourth installment of the game, PvZ followers have gotten acquainted with the characters presented in the last three apps. What is impressive about the concept of the newest product is that the popular plants and zombies from those games can also become seen here. By letting them blend in with the new heroic creatures, the smartphone users have more things to appreciate.



The upgrades done on the characters are not subpar as well. From the design of the whole game to the powers that have been imparted to each zombie or plant, it is apparent how they have designed it well.

Build The Dream Team

The idea of picking the cards that you want to use against the zombies has initially been brought to our knowledge through the original PvZ. However, you have just formed a regular band of floras at that time, as the ultimate dream team can be built in this application.

Players can mix and match the characters in a manner that is advantageous for them. The creatures with superpowers can mingle with the ones that have not gone through enhancements to form the right balance within the game.

Compete With Friends

Another benefit that Heroes has carried since its release date is the chance for you to play against your best gals and pals without needing to pass the mobile phone around. As long as they have the application downloaded, you can choose to be one of the plants or the zombies, and begin competing with your friends.



Parents of teenagers may also like this game because it entails that their son or daughter will have no reason to stay for hours on the streets. They can assemble in a friend’s house where they will be safe from harm and have PvZ battles all day long.


What’s not to commend about the PvZ Heroes? Everything you can ask for in Plants vs. Zombies has been condensed in this one epic game. It can relieve your stress from work or studies anytime, and the truth that it is available for Android and iOS users is fantastic.

Struggles That Only Parents With Spoiled Kids Can Relate To



One of my friends is the mom of a 12-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with depression. When they found out about it, she and her husband decided to do everything the child wanted to prevent her from thinking of negative things. If she wanted to go to the mall, for instance, they would take her there. If she asked for a new pair of sneakers a week after receiving one, they would buy that for her.

Despite my friend’s assumption that what she’s doing will help her child recover, though, things worsened. The girl realized that her parents would do anything to make her happy, so she became more demanding. Every time she wanted to buy something, she would say so as if her parents were her servants. If they couldn’t provide what the kid was asking for, she would talk back, yell, or stare angrily at them even in front of other people.

All of a sudden, mild depression was no longer the problem. Instead, it was the spoiled attitude of the child that’s giving the parents a headache.

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3 Things You Learn From Great White Videos



You can see a lot of families on the beach, but it is no secret that there are more parents who would rather go to a chlorinated pool than stay in the ocean. The reason is not usually because they are unaware of the side effects of drinking chlorinated water even on accident. It is mostly due to their fear of coming across sharks when they hit the beach.

Granted, the great white sharks are on the coastal regions of North America. It entails that you may find it in the United States as well. However, meeting one does not always have to be a life-and-death experience for you. It will help you watch videos about these marine creatures with your family.

3 Things You Learn From Great White Videos

Shark videos garner a lot of views from all over the world because just the mere thought of several people interacting with the great white without being eaten by it is mind-blowing. If you want to follow the successful leads of these individuals, however, there are three things that a marine predator expert like Chris Fallows can teach you.

1. Do It In Calm Water

It is highly unwise to try to get near a great white shark in a disturbed body of water. You will be a disadvantage since there is a good chance that the waves can knock you off your boat and into the ocean. And if you have seen shark videos before, you know that this is when they are most agitated too.



2. Put Yourself In A Higher Vantage Point

In one of Chris’s Great White Invasions episodes called Paddling with a Shark, paddleboard has been used instead of a kayak or any other boat. This has allowed him to stand up and get a 360-degree view of his surroundings. Thus, he can see where the sharks are and how they are acting up.

3. Be Mindful Of The Predators’ Behavior

Sharks should always be approached with utmost caution. Even if they do not speak like humans, it will be evident if you are going to be in danger when they swim aggressively towards you or simply keep their distance. Nevertheless, you cannot go in the middle of the ocean with only have of your mind in what you are about to do, as there will be enough room in your brain for panic and anxiety to kick in.

Final Thoughts



While the great white sharks are best left alone in their own habitat, it is still interesting to see how they behave when not being affected by external forces. Watching videos of them will allow you and your kids as well to want to take care of these creatures instead of fearing them all your life. You have every reason to be afraid of sharks, yes, but you should also know that you can save yourself from them if need be.

Feel free to look for more videos about the great white sharks on YouTube and other sources. Cheers!