Pediatric Counseling: The Effects of Technology on Your Child’s Health


Since innovation makes everyone’s lives efficient, most people highly depend on it. It is due to the rapid growth of technology that affects every individual’s busy lives. In this era, there’s no doubt that innovation plays a significant role in a child’s development as well. Though it’s something helpful for kids, it provides hidden damage to their well-being.

The Unbiased Truth

In some cases of a pediatric counseling session, the therapist discovers that most children almost spend seven to eight hours in front of a computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Parents somehow allow it, thinking that it is the only way to keep their kids safe from the harshness of the environment. Parents try to lock their children in a specific and reachable vicinity, hands over some technological devices. They ignore the fact that too much consumption of these gadgets creates a problem with the critical factors of development such as movement, touch, human connection, and nature exposure. However, technology is not all that bad. There are points that it is helpful in some significant ways.


How Technology Negatively Affects Children

  • Though technology is beneficial in some ways, it still impacts the foundation of achieving a healthy mental state. It slows down child development by affecting visual and auditory systems giving them overloaded information from too much consumption. In line with that, it also limits children’s bodies to achieve optimum sensory and motor development.
  • Due to technology, children also have a lesser ability to focus and always find it hard to think critically. Therefore, there is a higher possibility that they might suffer from a sleep disorder, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, coordination disorder, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, and the list goes on.
  • Even if technology can support the means of communication, there is still a chance that it can cause isolation. Children use technology to avoid social interactions which somehow affects the development of their emotions and empathy. It produces a long-term effect on handling their peers and might end up having issues in their future relationships as well.
  • “I have seen kids and young adults whose lives have been derailed and diminished by their inability to regulate their gaming. I have known young men who have verbally or even physically assaulted their parents for attempting to restrict their gaming,” according to psychologist Dr. Dave Verhaagen. This is another terrible effect of technology, and in this case, video gaming.

How Technology Positively Affects Children

  • Too much exposure of children to technology gives them the advantage to become more capable of handling research. They become more analytical and comprehensive due to an easy access of information across the web. They can enable themselves to multitask and create decisions quickly.
  • In some cases, the visual games they play can help develop their peripheral visions. And for those who use technology at night, they often use problem-solving and decision-making brain regions which are a beneficial source of mental exercise.
  • Technology helps with communication and interaction. With the help of the web, children may develop their social skills by connecting with different types of people. They can use technology to widen their network and build a strong foundation of a relationship through technological adjustments.

There is a positive and negative side of everything so parents should be aware of the possible side effects of technology as well. All the inconclusive evidence can lead to one multiple health problems, so there is always a need for moderation.