Online Therapy For Insomnia: Most Awaited Solution

“Insomnia, when chronic, tends to be unremitting, disabling, costly, pervasive, and pernicious. These factors, in combination with the existence of effective treatments, provide more than sufficient justification for the perspective that insomnia should be a primary focus for treatment,” says Sara E. Matteson-Rusby, PsyD.

Insomnia is linked to various diseases and even to the development of psychiatric disorders. Some studies claim that insomnia affects almost 50% of the American population. By this mere assumption, one can conclude how profuse and widespread insomnia is.

Insomnia is defined as a sleeping problem characterized by difficulty falling and maintaining sleep and trouble going back to sleep. It is attributed to numerous factors, but statistics show specific facts.


Truths About Insomnia

“Pharmacological interventions are often used for insomnia treatment, and they can be effective. However many people find the side effects of such medication difficult to tolerate. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a good option for people who do not want to rely on medication,” according to Jennifer Chen, PsyD.

When insomnia in kids is concerned – “Many parents think that a child with insomnia needs an overnight sleep study to get to the root of the problem. However, most children do not need a sleep study. Most childhood insomnia can be improved with a better bedtime routine,” as explained in Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD’s blog who happens to be a pediatric sleep psychologist.

Online Therapy

The similar digital screen that reared the generation of insomniacs is in fact also the answer for their sleeping problems. New evidence surfaced supporting online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)SHUTi) which requires users to maintain a sleep diary and produces an algorithm showing the best time to be asleep. The lead researcher stated that most crucial step is sleep restriction. It is the calculation of sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency is determining the actual time spent in bed and sleeping.

Another useful program which is also available online is Sleepio. Sleepio utilizes cognitive behavior therapy tool that has been proven and evaluated through trials and various study. Sleepio has an animated therapist. It also tackles sleep restrictions, handling invasive thoughts and relaxation techniques. Both these programs shatter the status quo of association between being awake and being in bed.


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