Child Abuse: How Can It Affect Its Victims?


A child who has gone through a lot of abuse and violence at home will most likely experience trauma. According to Suzanne Burger, PsyD, “Trauma is best understood as any life experience or enduring conditions that overwhelms a person’s nervous system and emotional capacity to manage it.” There are many adverse effects that are associated with child abuse. As you probably know by now, there are different forms of harm that a particular kid may encounter such as physical, emotional, and verbal. The causes of the infliction of this abuse may vary from one situation to another. However, when it comes to adverse effects, these are almost the same. Check this list:


  1. Anxiety. An abused child has a high tendency of becoming anxious or nervous in his daily activities. According to Alicia H. Clark, PsyD, “Anxiety is horribly uncomfortable, and makes us want to do whatever it takes to make it stop.” Because of the beating that the young one received from the abusive parent, he becomes more afraid of what might happen to him. He usually wonders why a loving mother or father can suddenly turn like a monster when the latter is hurting him.


  1. Depression. According to Danna Costa-Sahs, PsyD, “Depression is a serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” The same kid will also feel sad about his situation. He will experience self-pity, especially when there is no one whom he can talk to. As such, he would rather stay inside his home and avoid any confrontation with other people. There will also be some days wherein the child would put all the blame on his self.


  1. Rebellion. When a child is continuously abused, he will usually start to look for affection from other individuals. Most of the time, this would involve the use of drugs or alcohol, especially if the said child will find a set of friends who only have a bad influence on him. Sad to say, the kid may love the attention that he is getting from these people to the point that he would instead choose to be miserable and rebellious than be a good son but still receives a fatal blow from a parent.


  1. Withdrawal from friends. As already mentioned above, an abused individual often feels confusion and guilt. He would wonder why he is in such a disheartening situation. As a result, the said child will start to keep himself away from those surrounding him. Unfortunately, this act is sometimes involuntary. The child will have withdrawal from his relationships with others without being aware of it.


  1. Self-harm. Since the child cannot defeat the aggressor, the possible result that would happen is that he will just continue to harm himself. This is the reason why some children end up committing suicide. One of the major causes of killing one’s self is experiencing any form of abuse. For a child of tender years, the abuse may lead to some severe problems in his mental health.



Child abuse is not a serious issue. If you know someone who is suffering from this type of problem in his family, make sure to offer your assistance in any way possible. Keep in mind that there is nothing that you could do to remind the parents how beating one’s child, whether emotionally or physically, is a wrongful act. However, you have the power to let the authorities know about it. Whenever you encounter a similar situation, call the police right away.