5 Child Abuse Myths Debunked

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Marion and his younger sister came from a well-to-do family. Marion had the typical American life complete with the white picket fence and the dog. Both his parents worked in the local government, attended church and were very involved in their children’s school. So it was a shock to everyone in the community when news about Marion’s abuse came out. Turned out, the father had a mean streak and would take it on his children.

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Is Bullying A Form Of Abuse? YES!

And Is More Detrimental To Mental Health

A good-looking 16-year-old gifted with a beautiful voice and athletic skills, Brianne’s future looked as bright as the sun. But some of the girls in her school think otherwise. Spurned by jealousy of her popularity, they antagonized her by leaving mean notes inside her locker and nastily telling her she had no future.

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Verbal Discipline is Verbal Abuse

Parents only want the best for their kids.  Parents thought they need to discipline their children to be good and responsible strictly.   Disciplining is good, but sometimes the method of disciplining their kids are not the right and effective one. According to Ron Huxley, LMFT, “Discipline is about teaching or guiding children in the right direction so that they can be responsible people.”

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