3 Things You Learn From Great White Videos


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You can see a lot of families on the beach, but it is no secret that there are more parents who would rather go to a chlorinated pool than stay in the ocean. The reason is not usually because they are unaware of the side effects of drinking chlorinated water even on accident. It is mostly due to their fear of coming across sharks when they hit the beach.

Granted, the great white sharks are on the coastal regions of North America. It entails that you may find it in the United States as well. However, meeting one does not always have to be a life-and-death experience for you. It will help you watch videos about these marine creatures with your family.

3 Things You Learn From Great White Videos

Shark videos garner a lot of views from all over the world because just the mere thought of several people interacting with the great white without being eaten by it is mind-blowing. If you want to follow the successful leads of these individuals, however, there are three things that a marine predator expert like Chris Fallows can teach you.

1. Do It In Calm Water

It is highly unwise to try to get near a great white shark in a disturbed body of water. You will be a disadvantage since there is a good chance that the waves can knock you off your boat and into the ocean. And if you have seen shark videos before, you know that this is when they are most agitated too.


Source: pixabay.com

2. Put Yourself In A Higher Vantage Point

In one of Chris’s Great White Invasions episodes called Paddling with a Shark, paddleboard has been used instead of a kayak or any other boat. This has allowed him to stand up and get a 360-degree view of his surroundings. Thus, he can see where the sharks are and how they are acting up.

3. Be Mindful Of The Predators’ Behavior

Sharks should always be approached with utmost caution. Even if they do not speak like humans, it will be evident if you are going to be in danger when they swim aggressively towards you or simply keep their distance. Nevertheless, you cannot go in the middle of the ocean with only have of your mind in what you are about to do, as there will be enough room in your brain for panic and anxiety to kick in.

Final Thoughts


Source: pixabay.com

While the great white sharks are best left alone in their own habitat, it is still interesting to see how they behave when not being affected by external forces. Watching videos of them will allow you and your kids as well to want to take care of these creatures instead of fearing them all your life. You have every reason to be afraid of sharks, yes, but you should also know that you can save yourself from them if need be.

Feel free to look for more videos about the great white sharks on YouTube and other sources. Cheers!