Looking through the information from the 2015 San Jose National Statistics On Child Abuse, certain specifications categorize the act. From in-depth researches and records, every child who suffers from different types of abuse tends to belong from the majority of low-income families. With the acknowledgment of the situation, there are not enough ways to control the rampant child violence below poor areas of the country.

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Child Abuse Awareness

During early informative years, government assistance and private organizations recommendation help in gaining potential support. However, since there’s an increase in the numbers of low-income families over the past few years, strategies that promote child’s welfare becomes limited to those visible ones in the society. Therefore, it somehow impairs sustainable developmental support due to lack of access to the most deprived areas in the community, particularly in the African-Americans’ vicinity. Along with the records, it also becomes visible that almost half of child abuse cases get committed by a close friend or relative and even family members.

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The primary goal of analyzing the situation helps create insight into what kind of collaboration applies for the benefit of all. The government and private sectors must address first the potential risk of child abuse in the areas that seem to be out of reach. The growing number of child violence cases limits an opportunity for taking action. That is why there must be a compelling plan that will serve an ongoing commitment to cater to the needs of children silently suffering from physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse.

Since there is a wide range of restricted areas in the US that seems unbothered with abused children’s condition, the community should be responsible. It needs to become the eye and ear of those helpless individuals who cry for help because they could not do anything. Please become one of the people who will fight for children’s rights.