2014 Denver Child Abuse Prevention Month: Are You Unknowingly Abusing Your Child?

Source: pixabay.com


Parents are busy with their obligations, both at work and at home that sometimes they do not notice that they do or say things which may be harmful to their children emotionally. The 2014 Denver Child Abuse Prevention Month aims to make parents aware of the everyday things they are doing that may have negative effects.


Three Things Parents Usually Do That May Cause Negative Effects On Children:


  1. Often, parents are often too busy or too tired to talk, and kids are naturally talkative. They want to speak about even the smallest things they observe. Parents sometimes order them to keep quiet. However, children don’t understand this. All they know is the pain they feel whenever they are neglected.


  1. Sometimes, parents talk with other adults in front of their children, and they may speak about issues referring to the kids. It is not advisable to speak of them in front of other adults especially when it’s about their weaknesses or especially when parents are showing a strong emotion of frustration or disappointment.


  1. There are times when parents ask their children, “What is your problem” with annoyance when they are too loud or too playful. However, children may not understand the question and may only know that they are having fun. If you are annoyed by something that makes them happy, they might get confused about how you want them to feel.


Source: pixabay.com


Parents want the best for their children that is why they work hard for them. They endure the stress at work and at home that may also affect their mood. It causes them to do or say things which may be emotionally harmful. The 2014 Denver Child Abuse Prevention Month reminds parents of their role in raising children who do not have to recover from any forms of abuse.